Thursday, December 08, 2005

Katrina Levee Bomb Is More Fake Politics

by Fintan Dunne

Katrina survivors giving testimony to a House committee, investigating the government's preparations and response, have alleged that there are numerous witnesses to explosion sounds and that divers have found a 30-foot crater at the bottom of the 17th St. Levee that flooded the 9th Ward.

The hearing was requested by Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Oh! Was it really! Hmmm......
Ok, let's connect the dots.....

The bombshell claims will be skipped over by the mainstream media and likely aired only at C-Span and left blogs, etc. This segmentation of media means that such stories can be floated to specific sectors of the public well used to so-called "conspiracy theories" --without ever becoming a mainstream political issue.

Except of course, these claims will get a more widespread audience in the black community in the U.S.

And this hearing was all "Black Caucus" McKinney's idea.

Now, some very important dots:

Recall that, as we reported (Cynthia's Big LIHOP Day Out), McKinney held hearings in July, 2005 on whether the Bush administration was involved in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Yep, like levee bombs, that was a previous "conspiracy theory" event from the same McKinney.

At that 9/11 hearing --just to help Cynthia out-- were such luminaries such as:

--Melvin Goodman, a former CIA official
--Robert Baer, author, former CIA official
--Melvin Goodman, Fellow, Center for International Policy, former CIA official
--John Newman, Ph.D., professor University of West Virginia, former NSA analyst
--Nafeez Ahmed, author of The War on Truth,
--Paul Thompson, author of The Terror Timeline
--Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D., author of Drugs, Oil and War

In other words, a tired old crew of well-worn CIA hacks.

Now KcKinney is back with the "Levee Bomb". So what's up?

Is the CIA keen for word to get out that the bad guys blew the levee; ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of blacks; and drowned those who did not make it out??

What kind of a CIA is that, you ask? They are supposed to keep that kind of stuff hushed up --not helping to have it all broadcast on C-Span??

Well, the answer to this apparently bizarre behaviour from the agency and their stooges is that the CIA are prepared to mentally club the black vote into the waiting arms of the Democratic(Corporate) Party and away from the Republican(Corporate) Party.


Because Hillary NEEDS their Votes !!!

I mean, what do they have to do the alienate blacks from the Repugnicans?? Drown 'em? Abandon 'em? Have the Bushies publicly insult 'em? They've done all that already.

Wait.... I know. This will seal the black vote, for sure.

Have Bill Clinton 'black-up' and do Ole Man River while campaigning with Hillary in 2008.

That oughta do it.

If you are still being sucked into this 'engineered' fake politics by these slimeballs, you need to listen to our special show:

Exit Bush -Enter the Dragon
Listen DSL or 56K

So, leaving aside the staged political gymnastics, did they really blow the levee?

The survivors panel said that historically, towns have blown levees upstream to prevent their own town from flooding, so blowing up levees was nothing new for Louisiana.

Here's what happened in 1927:
When the rains broke records in April 1927, the Gulf of Mexico was full and worked as a stopper to the Mississippi. The Mississippi was full, too, pushing its own waters up tributaries, breaking levees and causing flooding as far as Ohio and Texas. All that water had to go somewhere.

It couldn't go to New Orleans, panicky city fathers told the Army Corps of Engineers; it would devastate the regional economy.

To save New Orleans, the leaders proposed a radical plan. South of the city, the population was mostly rural and poor. The leaders appealed to the federal government to essentially sacrifice those parishes by blowing up an earthen levee and diverting the water to marshland. They promised restitution to people who would lose their homes. Government officials, including Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover, signed off.

On April 29, the levee at Caernarvon, 13 miles south of New Orleans, succumbed to 39 tons of dynamite. The river rushed through at 250,000 cubic feet per second. New Orleans was saved, but the misery of the flooded parishes had only started. The city fathers took years to make good on their promises, and very few residents ever saw any compensation at all. Link
So, yeah they blew the levee. Not just to get votes for Hillary though.

It was also a very timely and effective Psyop on the American people.

Katrina Victims Testify About Levee Bomb!
Link Video at See Part 1


Anonymous buck7 said...

Fintan, although I find your analyses to be interesting and sometimes compelling, it is puzzling that everyone but you is a CIA hack, even persons that you agree with on some points. So you believe they may have blown the levee in New Orleans, but you assume that Cynthia Mckinney, who is trying to expose it, is also working for the CIA? I'm not claiming to know one way or the other, but have you ever considered the possibility that some of these other investigators could have honorable intentions, but are just wrong in their assumptions? I don't know for sure whether it's LIHOP or MIHOP, but just because I pick one over the other doesn't automatically mean I'm a CIA hack. Fintan, since you seem to know so much about all these people, would you mind telling us who, if any, of these researchers and investigators to believe? As far as I'm concerned, your tactics would serve the CIA just as well as anyone else's. I know as much about you as I know about Alex Jones, which is practically nothing. Never the less, keep producing your audio reports, because they are good food for thought.

7:02 PM UTC  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure if Fintan is CIA. I admire him for his assertion that the 2 party system in the U.S is a sham, a sentiment I rarely hear on the left nowadays.
But then we get a show about Global Warming that just boggles the mind.

I wouldn't go as far as to say all analysts mentioned in the article are operatives, but where there is doubt, there is no doubt. If you were once CIA, you will always be CIA and I'll never trust you.

More power to you Fintan.

10:18 PM UTC  
Blogger Bill Gael said...

I don't believe Fintan is a spook, but I'm anticipating that the spooks will post here in support of Fintan's ill-conceived attack on Cynthia McKinney. My posting you'll have to judge for yourselves.

I worked to help Cynthia McKinney get her seat back in 2004. I knocked on doors and put up signs. The party to which she belongs is an enemy of the masses of working and unemployed poor, and she's not for overthrowing the system that impoverishes them. She is against outright corruption and fascism, and she does support MIHOP. She's our Captain Alfred Dreyfuss, and like Dreyfuss she was one official in the government who refused to accept the subversion of her nation's constitution and the co-optation of its institutions by anti-democratic plotters. Like Jauré and the French Left of 100 years ago, I choose to defend McKinney against her racist and atavistic critics -- even if this means that I draw knee-jerk reactions from others in the revolutionary Left who think that my support for Cynthia is sewing trust in the criminal Democratic Party.

I know and respect Cynthia and her family. You'll just have to take my word on this. Her State-representative father hasn't always been careful to distinguish between the Zionist-Nazi element here and in Israel and the masses of ordinary Jews who have been hoodwinked by Likudist-Neocon propaganda into supporting the genocidal policies of Sharon and his ilk, but he and his daughter have many Jewish supporters who know where they stand. Many hardworking and honest supporters of various ethnic backgrounds in my district know her and count on her to speak truth to power. If there's ever to be a truly multi-ethnic United States that isn't hated and feared by the rest of the world, Cynthia will be remembered as one who did much to pave the way to it. There are very few public figures in this backward State of ours about which this can be said.

"Former" CIA operatives can never be trusted; but often their public attacks on corruption can be used to open the eyes of the public. Fintan is dead right to question and expose their true interests and keep the light of public exposure on them; but when they are acting in the public interest, let them speak! Most of the public (if any of the polls are to be believed) have a mental block against believing that the Government could be involved in terrorism to any extent: any anti-war activist could verify this from their experience with the general public. Most people who now accept MIHOP were at one time limited to LIHOP, weren't they? Get the masses to question! Get them to read!

Well, I suppose the fact that Cynthia McKinney is still alive and I'm alive to post this response means we're both CIA agents or dupes. How do you believe anyone with inside information if this is your logic, Fintan?

7:12 AM UTC  
Blogger nomorepain said...

I have some major objections to what fintan is saying with regards to all his ranting about CIA "fakes", surely all that you are doing is serving what you say the point is of these so called fakes, you are activly seeking to dicredit these people and in so doing bringing around the possibility that the listener or reader could begin to think that what they here from people such as alex jones is mostly misinformation this is dangerous as far as i can see as as you know most of it is true. Fintan,surely if anyone deserves to be labeld a fake it is you.

12:59 AM UTC  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see why members of Congress who at least make an attempt to address an issue are immediately labeled as "fakes." Cynthia McKinney is trying to bring 9/11 to the forefront. The fact that it's politically dangerous in obvious. What would you prefer - she come right out and hardsell the 9/11 coverup and be rewarded with a bullet in the head? One misconception you may have here is that the Truth Movement is widespread, that the general public is ready for it. They're not. This is most definitely an issue for 'baby steps', and at least Weldon and McKinney are taking those steps. To berate them as 'fakes' for making any effort at all is disingenuous.

8:42 PM UTC  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fintan is either extremely arrogant , or a closet zionist jew with an agenda . what happened to your predicted october coup in england ? attacking cynthia is most highly suspicious as your amazing ability to decide which people and web sites are 'cia' fronts. where do you get all the energy and money to buy time to post such volumes of misinformation or self righteous speculation passed off as fact?

5:44 PM UTC  
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